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Here are a few tips to use this site successfully.



On the left of all pages is a sidebar that contains two (2) groups of links.

  • General → Lists links of major topics of interest.
    • Home Page
    • Download information
    • Setup and Installation information
    • Program Help links
  • Subjects → In-depth topics relating to specific functionality including:
    • Application Functionality
    • Supported Hardware
    • Software capabilities
    • How to setup the GUI
    • Using the Macro Interpreter


At the top of every page is a Search window. Type a topic or page name in this window and press either the GO or Search buttons.

  • Pressing GO will look for a page with the exact name you entered.
  • Pressing Search will search all pages for the text you entered.


  • Internal → Many pages have internal links to other pages or sections of the current page. These links are identifiable by their blue/purple color and when the cursor is hovered the link is underlined and a Tool Tip window will be displayed over the link showing the actual page name the link points to. I.E. Home.
  • External → External links are links to other web sites such as Flex Radio.
Note: After a link has been visited the link color will change from blue to purple.