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See the following topics for trouble shooting help.

Cat Server Send Error

This error is only applicable for F6K radios and occurs when SmartSDR Cat (SSCAT) is inoperative or not connected to DDUtil. To test for this condition:

  1. Open the SSCAT Test tab.
  2. Select FA; from the Select Command drop-down window.
  3. Press the Execute button.
  4. The Result window should display a return like this: FA00014014985;
  5. If it displays ? SSCAT is inoperative and requires restarting. See the options below.

Option 1

  1. Close all programs and reboot the PC.
  2. Restart programs.

Option 2

  1. Close SSCAT
  2. Restart SSCAT (desktop shortcut desirable).
  3. Open the DDUtil Option menu and select Connect to Cat.

Option 3

If you have the path to SSCAT listed in the SmartSDR Cat window on the DDUtil Files Tab.

  1. Close SSCAT by pressing the Red X in the upper right of the form.
  2. Close DDUtil
  3. Open DDUtil

Note: → this option will check for and start SSCAT if necessary when DDUtil starts.

Repairing a Corrupt User Settings File

Option 1

  1. Close DDUtil
  2. Open the DDUtil Install directory (usually C:\DDUtil_V3)
  3. Execute (double-click) the file DeleteDDUtilSettings.bat
  4. Start DDUtil
  5. Re-enter your settings or:
    • If you have a KNOWN good Backup file saved.
    • Open the Options Menu
    • Select Restore User Settings
    • Select the file you wish to restore
    • Press Open.

Option 2

If option 1 fails to remedy the problem take the following steps:

  1. Uninstall DDUtil
  2. Delete the C:\DDUtil directory
  3. Open the %APPDATA%/K5FR_Software directory and then delete the DDUtil.settings file.
  4. Reinstall DDUtil
  5. Open DDUtil and replace your settings. Caution: Do not use a backup file.

Option 3

If the above two options fail to remedy the situation you likely have one of the two following conditions. Both of which will require a knowledgeable person to correct.

  1. A PC hardware issue
    • Bad hard drive or SSD
    • Bad Ram memory locations(s)
  2. A Windows operating system corruption that is most likely a corrupted .Net file.
    • A Windows repair might correct
    • If not a Windows re-install might be required.

DDUtil Loses Connection with Radio

The most likely cause is Windows is putting either a USB port or the Network adapter to sleep to save power. Follow these steps to eliminate this possibility.

  • Open Device Manager
    • Double-click the Network Adapter and then open the Power Management tab and make sure the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box is Un-Checked.
    • In the same manner as above Open the USB Serial Bus controllers item and check all USB items listed Power Management tab and make sure the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power check box is Un-Checked.

DDUtil is Non-Responsive

Flex 6000 Radios

  • Is DDUtil talking to the radio?
    • There should be frequency and mode info in DDUtil's title bar.
    • If the title bar displays Not Connected there is a problem, check the following items:
      • Is the radio powered up and turned on?
      • Is SmartSDR running and displaying the radio data correctly?
      • On the DDUtil Setup form Features tab is the Signature radio button selected?
  • If DDUtil is talking to the radio the problem probably is with the setup in DDUtil or with the hardware or software you're trying to connect.
    • Make sure you have read the DDUtil wiki for the feature you're connecting.
    • Check the Setup information for the hardware/software you're trying to connect for errors.


The following symptoms are indicative of the Performance Counter Library being corrupted

  • The PSDR CPU Usage % indicator is missing
  • The Flex Control stops working when DDUtil is started.
  • DDUtil RCP Client commands are failing.
Note: This is a very obscure problem and can be difficult to diagnose sometimes.

Follow these steps to repair the Performance Counter Library.

  1. Click the Start icon at the lower left on the desk top
  2. Type cmd in the Search box.
  3. In the pop-up window under Programs right-click cmd.exe, and select Run as administrator.
  4. At the prompt, type lodctr /R and press [ENTER].
Note: the R is a capital letter

You should see the following message if the process was successful.
"Info: Successfully rebuilt performance counter setting from system backup"

Find a Window that is Off-Screen

  1. USe Alt + Tab keys to select the window not visible.
  2. Hold down Alt + Spacebar.
  3. Press the M key.
  4. Use the arrow keys to relocate the window.
  5. Press the Enter key when you have the Window in the desired location.

Turn Off Disk Defragmenter

Defraging an SSD when DDUtil is running can cause DDUtil to become unresponsive requiring a PC reboot to correct.
Note: SSD's should never be defraged due to life-span issues.

To disable the automatic running of Disk Defragmenter in Windows 7 follow these steps.

  1. Open the Start menu (Windows key)
  2. Select All Programs
  3. Select Accessories
  4. Select System Tools
  5. Select Disk Defragmenter
  6. Press the Turn On Schedule button
  7. Un-check the Run on a schedule check box
  8. Press OK