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Please read this page in its entirety before jumping into DDUtil V3. There are many differences you need to understand before making the transition.


  • The major difference is the Graphic User Interface. V3 uses a different technology called Docking Windows. This allows the user to only see the features he chooses to use. All the other features are not shown unless they have been selected in the Setup form.
    • The GUI only occupies one form if the user so chooses.
    • Some feature windows can be docked in the DDUtil main form where they are hidden in a margin until the mouse cursor is hovered over its label. Then the window will open displaying the hidden form. Moving off the displayed hidden form will collapse the form again back to the margin. This is especially handy for the larger forms that are not needed except on special occasions Like the Heading, Macro Button and Tuning Knob windows..\
  • All Setup is done on one form that is separate from the feature window(s).
  • The Band Data file is different and improved in V3. This file must be re-written from your V2 file for it to work. A sample file is included in the download package. On the LPT tab press the Select button in the Band Data File group at the bottom of the form. Choose the newBandData.xml file. This file will give you a place to start. Additional user instructions are provided on the LPT tab as well.

New Features

  • DDUtil V3 now supports the Flex Signature series radios as well as the Legacy radios.
  • DDUtil V3 now has its own HRD Server that supports DM780 and HRD Log Book directly without HRD or Mini Deluxe software required.
  • New hardware has been added:
  • New Options have been added. See the Features and the Auto Drive tab for descriptions of these new options.