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The Setup form is used to configure and setup all the features of DDUtil.

The following links describes this in detail.

  • Features → Select radio type, Auxiliary Panes to display and other Options and features.
  • Ports → Setup Serial and Parallel ports needed.
  • Amps → Setup supported amplifier(s).
  • AutoDrive → Setup Auto Drive options and parameters.
  • WattMtrs → Setup supported Watt Meters.
  • Other → Additional hardware items and features setup.
  • AntRtr → SteppIR Antenna and Rotor(s) setup.
  • Macros → Create/Edit Macros, assign Mode Macros.
  • LPT → Create/Edit the Band Data file, setup the Aux BCD controls.
  • TKnob → Enable and set options for the Flex Control (Tuning Knob).
  • Files → Set file paths for different program elements.

Note! See the Docking Windows page for information on setting up the feature windows.