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The Misc form contains radio condition and other general information. This form is required for all configurations and non-optional as a selection by the operator. Misc32605.jpg


  • First (1st) Line
    • PA Volts
    • PA Temp
    • BCD data file value for the current band
    • Auto Drive Oper/Stby, Set & Power Level controls
  • Second (2nd) line
    • Space Weather conditions
      • Solar Flux Index
      • A Index
      • K Index
      • Space Weather Web Site (sun icon)
    • UTC (Zulu) clock
    • Transmitter Split controls
      • Split distance +/- kHz
      • Split On/Off push button
  • Third (3rd) line
    • Information / Warning display area
      • Transmit Inhibit (if selected on Setup form)
      • Power Limit exceeded (if selected on Setup form)
      • SWR Exceeded warning (if selected on Setup form)
  • Forth (4th) line
    • Forward Power and Swr readings, if a supported amplifier or watt meter is selected.
  • Lines 5 and 6
    • Radio S-Meter readings for Slice A & B
  • Annunciators Group (lines 7-10)
    • Radio functions. These controls are self explanatory, but hovering the cursor over a control will display a tool-tip describing control functionality.
    • Bottom line = user defined text messages set with the DDSI macro.