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DDUtil (short for Data Decoder Utility) is designed to enhance the operating experience for Flex Radio users by providing advanced connectivity to Peripheral Equipment and Radio Control Programs (RCPs) otherwise not available.

DDUtil started life in the fall of 2007 as a need to be able to connect my stuff to my Flex Radio. Since then many changes and enhancements have occurred and it's time for a face lift and redesign. I learned a lot about how a program like DDUtil should be implemented to be robust and dependable. Version 2.0 was a significant improvement in performance over version 1 and version 3 is intended to take this learning experience one step further and make DDUtil even more user friendly and versatile.

DDUtil provides the automation required to decode and present radio state information to select frequency sensitive devices such as linear amplifiers, antenna controllers, antenna tuners, antenna band switchers, etc. DDUtil may be used in a stand-alone mode or with up to six (6) Radio Control Programs (RCPs) running simultaneously.

DDUtil automatically senses when a piece of hardware or a RCP is requesting radio information and responds accordingly.


  • Provides radio frequency, mode and many other radio states to RCP clients.
  • Allows remote control of many hardware devices using BCD, RS232, TCP/IP, I2C:
    • Amplifiers (Acom, Alpha, KPA-500, SPE)
    • Antenna Controllers (SteppIR)
    • Antenna Rotators (Alpha Spid, Green Heron, Hy/Gain/EZ, M2, Prosistel, Yaesu)
    • Antenna Tuners (KAT500, PalStar AT-Auto)
    • Band Switches (many)
    • Flex Control Knob
    • Preselector (Heros SCR Cat)
    • Watt Meters (Alpha 4500, Elecraft W2, LP-100(a), Power Master, Wave Node W2)
  • Macro Command Interpreter
  • Automatic Drive Control for Amplifiers

To learn more about how these and other functions see the Setup page.


DDUtil v3 has a new GUI (Graphic User Interface) that greatly improves user interaction with the functions and removes un-used features from view. See the GUI page for setting up and using the Docking Windows Container form.

Transitioning from V2

Read this page if you're transitioning from DDUtil v2.