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There are important differences between DDUtil V3 and earlier versions of DDUtil. Please read and understand these differences before you download and install V3. See the Design, Features and Transition pages to review these differences.

If you will be upgrading from a version prior to v3.1.0.17 it is important that you read this Release Information for v3.1 before proceeding.

Download V3

The Release Document for this latest version is → Here

Revision History

For a listing of the major changes between revisions see the Revision History page.

Also see the current version release document at the DDUtil Yahoo Group web site for additional details.

Auto Update

DDUtil checks for newer software releases each time it loads. If a new version is available a message window will pop up informing the user of the available options. The user may choose to either download the available update or NOT to download the update.

As an added option the user can disable the message window all together with either a permanent Yes or No to be performed at the time of load by checking the Do not ask me this again check box.

  • If the Yes button is selected the update process WILL be performed automatically any time there is a newer version available.
  • If the No button is selected the update process WILL NOT be performed any time there is a newer version available.
    • If the No button is selected the word UpDate will be displayed in the Title Bar of both the Main form and the Mini window to alert the user an update is available.
    Note: - The Do not ask me this again feature can be canceled by going to the Tools menu and selecting the Reset Do not ask me again option.

Manual Update

From the Help Menu select Check For Updates to start the process of downloading and starting the update procedure. If your version is up to date there will be a message to inform you.